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Geometric Curtains

Geometric Curtains are made from natural materials that don't contain any harsh chemicals. Geometric Curtains come meshed or without mesh in various sizes, patterns, and colors to meet your individual needs in the hospital environment or for other purposes. All Geometric Curtains are manufactured with inherently fire retardant (IFR) fabric, in which the fire retardant lasts through the life of the curtain.

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Price: $185.00
Tic Tac Cubicle Curtains are designed for medical facilities needing durable, antimicrobial, and easy-to-maintain privacy curtains.
Price: $185.00
Windsor Cubicle Curtains feature antimicrobial, stain-resistant, and fire-retardant properties, perfect for enhancing privacy and hygiene in healthcare settings.
Artistry Cubicle Curtains are designed with inherently fire-retardant fabric for safety and are available in various sizes and colors to match any healthcare environment.
Flare Cubicle Curtains are crafted with high-quality, inherently fire retardant (IFR) fabric to ensure the fire retardancy endures throughout the curtain's lifespan.
Galaxy Cubicle Curtains with antimicrobial treatment and stain resistance, perfect for hospitals. Customizable sizes and colors available.
Lineage Cubicle Curtains are crafted with inherently fire retardant (IFR) fabric, ensuring the fire retardancy lasts throughout the life of the curtain.
Optic Cubicle Curtains with antimicrobial and stain-resistant features for healthcare settings. Shop a variety of sizes and colors to meet your needs.
Pebbles Cubicle Curtains are infused with an antimicrobial agent to prevent bacteria and mildew growth, ensuring a hygienic environment.
Shuffle Cubicle Curtains are designed for hospitals and commercial spaces, featuring fire-retardant fabric, durability, and a variety of colors and sizes.
Celestial Cubicle Curtains are designed for both style and functionality, making them the perfect choice for a wide range of environments.
Frequency Cubicle Curtains are high-quality curtains are designed to provide not only privacy but also a touch of elegance to your office or medical facility.
Haven Cubicle Curtains are crafted for durability and style, these curtains are perfect for healthcare and hospitality settings.
Interlude Cubicle Curtains are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern interiors.
Shanty Cubicle Curtains are designed to meet the demanding needs of healthcare and professional environments. Made with inherently fire retardant (IFR) fabric.
To and Fro Cubicle Curtains feature fire retardant fabric and durable construction, available in multiple sizes and colors to fit your needs.
Blissful Cubicle Curtains are crafted from inherently fire retardant (IFR) fabric, these curtains ensure the fire retardancy lasts through the life of the product.

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