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Cubicle Curtain Help Page

Cubicle Curtain Help Page

Cubicle curtains can be used for several reasons. These days curtains used in hospitals come in different bright colors and are made with very durable materials. Most times, the bright colors of hospital curtains cheer up the patients.

Uses Of Cubicle Curtains

Provides privacy in multiple bed wards. Most times, being in a room full of people can be pretty depressing and the only way you can get a little privacy is when you draw the curtains. Even a semi-hospital room can be a little crowded, especially when the person in the next bed receives visitors all day. The only way a patient can have some peace and possibly quiet is when the hospital curtains are drawn - that is what they are there for. Ocelco provides first-grade hospital curtains that are one hundred percent durable; we sell everything used to set up a cubicle curtain. With a hospital curtain, patients will not have to worry about having a little privacy whenever they feel like it.

Black Out Hospital Curtains
Keep the Sun Out: Our Black Out hospital curtains are specifically designed to keep the harsh rays of the sunlight away from patients who react badly to the sun (a rare skin condition). These special curtains protect patients from the harmful effects of the sun.

Protect Other Patients from Airborne Diseases - Hospital curtains are not like the average curtains used in homes. These curtains can be used for protecting other patients from airborne diseases that are pretty common in hospitals. With these curtains, the chance of being infected with an airborne disease will be quite slim.

Privacy Screens
Hospital curtains are also used as privacy screens for many purposes, especially when administering drugs to outpatients. For instance, if a health worker wants to administer an injection to an outpatient and there is no private room to administer the drug, a curtain is usually the best option for providing privacy. In many parts of Africa, hospital curtains are the best way to have privacy when a doctor wants to perform an invasive examination on an outpatient.

Cubicle Curtains
Ocelco Inc is proud to supply a wide range of hospital cubicle curtains and medical curtains that come with a mesh top or non-mesh top. These cubicle curtains also come in various sizes and colors, perfect for your individual needs to use as hospital cubicle curtains or other purposes. Ocelco's blackout cubicle curtains provide a 98% room darkening atmosphere for laboratory and laser work, as well as for photography studios. The monitor quality varies from computer to computer, and some colors may not appear on your screen as they do in reality. They cannot be responsible for a color variation on orders due to poor monitor quality. Please contact them for a fabric sample of your selection of cubicle curtains if you have any hesitation. With Ocelco, you can choose from many styles and colors of cubicle curtains. Ocelco Inc is proud to supply a wide range of cubicle curtains and medical curtains that come meshed or without mesh.

Our Equipment
These cubicle curtains also come in various sizes and colors, perfect for your individual needs to use as hospital curtains or for other purposes. All Ocelco Inc cubicle curtains and hospital curtains are made with inherently fire retardant material that is durable, safe, and lasts throughout the cubicle curtain's lifetime. The top FR nylon mesh with 1 1/2" woven, snag-free header, combined with our #2 grommet, provides superior durability and long-lasting performance. Ocelco's cubicle curtains are available with or without mesh. Ocelco sells everything you need to set up a complete cubicle or shower curtain system. Their representatives will work with you to ensure that you get exactly the right cubicle curtains or curtain tracking solution custom-tailored to your specific needs.

Equipment Design
Ocelco even warranties the hospital cubicle curtains' material for one year against defects under normal handling and construction. Ocelco also reminds you to inspect your curtain tracks and hardware for damage when placing your order for cubicle curtains. Ocelco carries a complete line of hardware perfect for repairing damaged track and ensuring a functioning, safe curtain system. Ocelco's curtain tracking parts are constructed from anodized 16 gauge aluminum, heavy-duty nylon material, PVC, and nickel-plated brass and steel. Each of their hospital curtain tracking parts is extremely durable and long-lasting - perfect for extended use.

We Can Help

Agreed, many medical supply companies offer to give clients great prices on their product, but how many of them really live up to their promises of offering clients great quality medical supplies at a very reasonable rate? Ocelco is the ideal place to get top-grade quality hospital curtains at very affordable prices.

About Us

Welcome to Ocelco's CurtainTracking.com website; Ocelco Inc is proud to supply a wide range of cubicle curtains, hospital curtains, and shower curtains, as well as curtain tracking and a full list of hospital curtain hardware parts. All of our cubicle curtain, curtain track, and hospital curtain hardware are long-lasting, durable, and resistant to wear. Curtain tracks are made with 16 gauge extruded aluminum, approx. 7/8" x 1 1/4". A cubicle curtain can also be used for laboratory, laser work, and photography studios. If you have any questions, please call us toll-free at 800-328-5343, and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.


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