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Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are used in facilities to provide coverage of patients from surrounding rooms. Privacy screens are portable and can be easily moved or stored. Privacy Screens come in single, three, and four panels. Privacy screens are used for multiple applications. Wall-mounted privacy screens telescope in and out and can be folded flat against the wall to provide additional space. Privacy screens are a simple solution to your facility's privacy needs. We carry a wide selection of privacy screens for sale, including wall-mounted privacy screens, single panel privacy screens, three-panel privacy screens, and four-panel privacy screens with or without casters.

Privacy Screen Options

Curtaintracking.com has the right privacy screen for any room setup. Our comprehensive product line allows you to choose your color and structure style. Flame-retardant privacy screens may be purchased with stable crutch tips or the more portable twin casters. The PVC Privacy Screens with or without casters are lightweight yet durable and come with removable Velcro panels. Purchase your privacy screens from single to 4 folding panels. Curtains can limit space, especially in an already tight area such as a shower and our telescoping curtain rod eliminates this problem. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service at 800-328-5343 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.
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Price: $128.79
Curtain with Hooks provide unobstructed privacy.
Price: $218.11
Telescoping Curtain Rods telescope out from wall 39" to 90". Telescoping Curtain Rods may be positioned anywhere within a 180° arc. Telescoping Curtain Rods are made from durable aluminum.
Price: $292.51
3-Panel Folding Screens use a unique snap-together design that offers 360-degree swivel and infinite connectivity. Its compact storage footprint, lightweight and flexible design is ideal for rapid deployment and temporary use situations.
Price: $278.95
4-Panel Folding Screens have lightweight aluminum frames that easily open to full width without falling. 4-Panel Folding Screens feature a unique snap together design which offers connectivity and 360 degree swivel capabilities.
Price: $245.94
Privacy Screens are flame-retardant with white vinyl panels that wash easily. White powder-coated steel frames come with four crutch tips for stability.
Price: $253.55
Telescoping Curtains offer ultimate versatility by extending for 50" to 90". Laminated vinyl material is fluid proof, tear and stain resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Kit includes a wall bracket, telescoping rod, curtain, and hooks.
Price: $256.52
Privacy Screens with Casters have a versatile design, providing a quick and easy way to divide space and create privacy. Extruded to a finished thickness of 5.5mil our vinyl, unlike other textiles, can be wiped down with a moist cloth without damaging the integrity of the material in any way.
Price: $301.50
3-Panel Screens are the ideal folding wall for healthcare professionals, disaster relief, and education professionals who require a sturdy metal screen that can easily be moved to protect patient privacy.
Price: $189.34
Healthcare grade privacy screens give special needs to patients, the privacy that they need for bed bathing, doctor consultations, surgery, or nurse patient privacy.
Price: $238.59
Privacy Screens give patients special needs, the privacy they need for bed bathing, doctor consultation, surgery, nurse-patient privacy, user-friendly, and different color choices.
Price: $285.00
Portable Privacy Screens give special needs to patients, the privacy that they need for bed bathing, doctor consultations, surgery, or nurse patient privacy.

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