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Our cubicle curtains are manufactured with inherently fire retardant (IFR) fabric; the fire retardancy lasts through the life of the cubicle curtain. The top fire retardant nylon mesh is constructed with a 1-1/2" woven, snag free header, combined with a #2 grommet, providing superior durability and long lasting performance. We warrant our labor and materials for one year to be free of defects under normal handling conditions and when care instructions are complied with fully.

Having a mesh top can be an advantage to the Lea cubicle curtains. The curtain mesh is fire resistant and it allows for a much better circulation of air in the room.

When selecting the width dimension, industry standard is to allow an additional 10% for curtain fullness.

Example: If your curtain tracking is 10 feet, you will need to order 11 feet of curtains.

Details To Note:
Manufacturing time is approximately 2-3 weeks.
These are made per order and are NON-Returnable.
Please call (800) 328-5343, if you need help with sizing.

Shield Fabric Cubicle Curtains
The obsessive search for superior protective material brought us to Shield fabrics. Additionally, these fabrics are highly resistant to most stains and completely repel liquids. These properties make them the ideal choice for cubicle curtains. Healing environments are constantly under siege from bacteria and micro-organisms, and fabrics like hospital curtains and bedspreads are among their favorite places to take root. Shield fabrics are engineered with antimicrobial technology to help you take a 24/7 stand against these harmful insurgents. Ideal for cubicle curtains, Shield fabrics have been tested and proven to be permanently antimicrobial while being highly resistant to most stains.

Shield Fabric Features:
Are flame retardant.
Can be paired with antimicrobial mesh to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on cubicle curtains.
Are stain resistant and liquid repellent so you can reduce the labor and maintenance costs associated with removing curtains for laundering.
Utilize silane-based technology that’s been tested and proven to be antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew without releasing toxins into the environment.

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