Galaxy EZE Swap Curtains


Galaxy fabric is treated with an antimicrobial agent that inhibits and controls bacteria and mildew growth. Visa finish resists stains so dirt and discoloration disappear after washing. Having a mesh top can be an advantage to EZE Swap Snap On Hospital Privacy Curtains. It allows for the functioning of sprinkler systems so there are no fire hazards, they are fire resistant themselves and it allows for a much better circulation of air in the room these curtains are installed in. We have easy to follow installation instructions for you convenience.

Mesh Width Per Curtain Panels
Standard panel sizes are 66" wide by 66" high.
Be sure to establish the correct amount of curtain panels that correlate to the width of the mesh that you select.

Curtain Panels Needed - Mesh Width Needed
(1) - 66"  (2) - 126"  (3) - 187"  (4) - 247"  (5) - 308"

Details To Note:
Manufacturing time is approximately 2-3 weeks.
These are made per order and are NON-Returnable.
Please call (800) 328-5343, if you need help with sizing.

Reduce curtain change-out times and save money with EZE-Swap Cubicle Curtain Snap Panel System.
Standard panel sizes are 66" wide by 66" high

EZE-Swap Cubicle Curtains save money and reduce curtain change out times.
Curtain maintenance can seem like a never-ending chore. Between taking down curtains, putting up new ones, and laundering the soiled ones, it becomes extremely time-consuming to constantly maintain them. Now, many of the hassles associated with standard cubicle curtains can be eliminated with EZE-Swap Cubicle Curtains.

The advantages of EZE-Swap Curtains are endless:
This system does not require ladders for curtain change-out; simply unsnap the soiled panel and replace with maintenance stock.
Panels easily snap into place and can be configured into any length to meet your project’s needs.
Continuous mesh panels are made to order ensuring you only pay for what you need.
Our standard fabric panels are 66” wide x 66” high.
Standardize with one fabric panel size for your entire facility. Simply adjust your mesh panel height as needed to accommodate for varying ceiling heights.
EZE-Swap Cubicle Curtain panels are even compatible with existing snap panel systems.

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