Curved Curtain Track 90 Degree


Curved Curtain Tracking

Curved curtain track is used when designing hospital curtains around a bed or door. Curved curtain tracking easily connects to our straight curtain track. Mount any hospital curtain to this curved curtain tracking. Some hospital rooms require drop systems due to very tall ceilings or obstacles that might prevent direct ceiling mounting. Also very versatile & able to be used for a variety of additional uses including but not limited to serving as patient bed enclosures, shower areas, room dividers, photography backdrops, and many others.

Curved Curtain Track Features

Cubicle Tracking Curves are 2' x 2'
Channel bent to 12" Radius
Curtain Tracking made from extruded aluminum
Now Available in original Silver Aluminum or Powder Coated White Aluminum Finish, choose above!

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