Curtain Track System - 8 FT Section

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Curtain Tracking Systems

Curtain track systems contain all the parts needed for a standard curtain track installation. A complete system for 8 feet of tracking. Due to the request from our customers, we are now offering hospital curtain tracking in kit form. Many customers don't want to spend the time to determining each piece and part they need to do a simple installation. These curtain track kits contain all the parts needed for a standard installation. It can easily be cut down to fit smaller sizes or custom layouts. Mounting fasteners, screws, anchors and other attaching devices are not included. Depending on your unique needs you may decide to order the parts individually or purchase a kit and add additional parts to it as needed.

Curtain Track Systems Include:

SKU# 215-400 (Curtain Tracking) QTY. 8 Feet
SKU# 215-504 (Splicing Clamp For Channel Tracking) QTY. 1
SKU# 215-501 (End Stop For Channel Tracking) QTY. 2
SKU# 215-503 (Snap-Out Fitting for Channel Tracking) QTY. 1
SKU# 215-500 (Curtain Carrier for Channel Tracking) QTY. 19

**** Curtain Track Shipping Notes ****
Curtain track is sold in 8 foot long lengths. Eight feet is considered an oversize 1 package by both UPS and FedEx carriers. What this means is that this package will ship at the 30 pound rate even if it weighs 3 pounds. This also means that if you buy 1 - 3 sticks of track, the shipping rate will be Oversize 1. If you buy 4 or more sticks, UPS and FedEx will classify this as an oversize 2 package, a 70 pound rate. Average shipping cost for the curtain track ranges from $25 to $60 to most locations in the United States.

The shipping calculator on this site is not capable of calculating the shipping rate for the curtain track, because of the irregular shape and size. Although you will not be charged for shipping on your tracking when you place your order ACTUAL SHIPPING COST WILL BE CHARGED TO YOUR CREDIT CARD OR ACCOUNT, AFTER THE ORDER HAS BEEN SHIPPED, you will be called and notified of the amount before the charge is applied to your card.  If you feel hesitant or are unsure with our shipping policy please feel free to call during business hours to obtain a shipping quote from our customer service department. Monday-Friday 7 AM - 4:30 PM Central, 1-800-328-5343.

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