Curtain Track Splicing Clamp


Curtain Track Splicing Clamps

Curtain Track Splicing Clamps join curtain track together to make one extended piece of tracking. Splicing clamps are necessary to connect any 2 pieces of track. Anodized sleeves for joining and extending curtain track sections assuring proper alignment of tracking channels. Splicing clamps should be used anytime to pieces of curtain track meet.

Mount your cubicle curtain track directly to ceiling or use suspended method with cubicle curtain suspension drop tubes. Some Hospital curtain tracking systems require drop systems due to very tall ceilings our obstacles that might prevent direct ceiling mount of cubicle curtain track.Ocelco Inc ceiling curtain tracks and hospital curtains are also very versatile, able to be used for a variety of additional uses including but not limited to serving as patient bed enclosures, shower areas, room dividers, photography backdrops, and many others.

Splicing clamps are approximately 3 5/8"L x 1 1/2"W x 3/4"T. 

Splicing Clamp Function

The splicing clamps go over and around the joint or splice of where two sections of curtain track or curves meet. The stiffens the splice and also holds the curtain track aligned. After aligning and tightening the track in place a small self drilling screw should be run up through the track into the splicing clamps to bond them together.

Where do you need them? At each splice. Where two sections of track meet. Where the track might join a 90 degree curve also. It is mandatory on suspended installations, acoustic tile installations and highly suggested on installations that attach directly to a sheetrock or plaster ceiling.

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