Curtain Track Snap Out Fitting


Curtain Track Snap Out Fittings

Curtain track snap out fittings permit easy replacement or installation of curtain track carriers. Snap-Out Fittings snap into curtain tracking end stops.

Snap Out Fitting Specifications

Natural Aluminum Finish or White Powder Coat.
3/4" Long
1-1/2" Wide
3/4" High

Snap Out Fitting Function

The purpose of the snap out fitting is to provide a convenient place to replace carrier rollers that may become damaged. Our snap out fittings are designed to be used in conjunction with the end stops that we sell. The end stops are placed on the end on the track run on the top side of the track.  You then "snap" the snap out fitting into the end stop then install the end stop as normal. The snap out fitting has a bump on each side that is made to snap into 2 small holes in the end stop. The snap out fittings purpose is you can remove the snap out and replace rollers that might have been damaged.  This is a lot easier than disassembling the track to replace broken rollers.

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