Curtain Track Screw Insert


Curtain Track Screw Inserts

Curtain track screw inserts and suspension tubes are used in conjunction to install a suspended track installation. A suspended curtain track might be desirable if you have very tall ceilings or if you have obstructions such as lighting or HVAC ducts that prevent you from installing the track flush up against the ceiling where you want to run track.

Screw Insert Features

Heavy duty 1/4"-20 threaded nut tube inserts.
Inserts into the end of suspension tubes.
Holds suspension tube to curtain track channel.
One screw insert is needed for each tube attaching to curtain track.

Screw Insert Function

Curtain track screw inserts are very strong and impossible to remove once installed in the end of the suspension tube, so make sure your tube is the right length before installing. Install by laying the insert on the floor with the star tension washer up and place the tube over the end and use the weight of your body to push the tube down onto the insert. You may need to tap the insert with a rubber hammer to fully seat the insert after pushing it in.

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