Curtain Track Cross Bracket


Curtain Track Cross Brackets

Curtain track cross brackets can subdivide up to four different tracking areas. Cross brackets are perfect for areas that need to be divided for any reason. Used most often in suspended track installations but can be very useful in flush mount and grid installations also to brace the track and hold it in alignment. Used as a bracket or brace where 2 tracks meet in a cross formation when not using curves for continuous curtains. This is just a bracket to attach straight tracks together when using to divide up a room into cubicles. The bracket is placed on the tops of the track and attached with short self drilling screws. One of the tracks can be a pass through but you can not transfer from one track 90 degrees to the other. This is just a bracket, not any sort of device to transfer rollers from one track to another.

Curtain Track Cross Bracket Features:

Natural Aluminum color.
For suspended curtain track installation.
Center piece subdivides 4 bed areas.

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