Curtain Track Ceiling Flange


Curtain Track Ceiling Flange

Curtain track ceiling flanges are used for connecting suspension tubes to tall ceilings or ceilings with obstructions. The ceiling flanges, suspension tubes and screw inserts are used in conjunction to install a suspended track installation. A suspended track might be desirable if you have very tall ceilings or if you have obstructions such as lighting or HVAC ducts that prevent you from installing the track flush up against the ceiling where you want to run track.

Curtain Track Ceiling Flange Features:

Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum or White Plastic
For connecting suspension tube to ceiling.
Fasteners required to attach flange to ceiling.
Hold in side for screwing to suspension tube.
Single anchor in center hole attaches flange to ceiling.
The aluminum flange comes with 1/4-20 attachment set screw to attach the suspension tube.
The white plastic flange you provide the self tapping screws to attach the suspension tube.

Curtain Track Ceiling Flange Installation:

The way it works is you install a ceiling flange on the ceiling, you then cut a piece of suspension tube the length you wish the track to "hang down" from the ceiling. You then install a screw insert into one end of the piece of suspension tube. The you install the suspension tube into the ceiling flange so the screw insert is facing down. You drill a hole in the in the track at appropriate location and then attach the track to the suspension tube by running a 1/4"-20 pan head screw up into the screw insert in the end of the suspension tube. You should have a suspension tube support every 30" of track.

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