Curtain Track Ceiling Clip


Curtain Track Ceiling Clips

Ceiling clips are used to attach the curtain track to the T-Track of a grid type acoustic tile ceiling commonly found in offices and other commercial buildings. These are heavy duty hangers that will easily handle the weight of our track system and curtains for years to come. You should only be limited by how sturdy your grid ceiling track is.  You may need to install additional supports for the Tee Track you are attaching to but in most cases they are plenty sturdy enough.

Ceiling Clip Function

Ceiling clips simplify the installation of a hospital cubicle curtain track system onto a grid type acoustic ceiling. To install you drill a small hole every 30" minimum (or the proper distance so the clips line up with your ceiling grid) on your curtain track. Remove the screw holding the 2 halves of the ceiling clip together and insert it through the hole in the track, then screw it back into the ceiling clip hanger. Slide the clip out to it widest extension (approx. 1.25"). Snug the screw down. Install all the ceiling clips on your track in this manner. Now hold the track with the clips installed up next to the ceiling grid. Loosen a ceiling clip screw, slide the clip around the Grid T-Track and then tighten the screw up. Repeat for each ceiling clip. Install a splicing clamp and repeat for the next piece of track or curve.

You can screw the track directly to the ceiling grid with self drilling screws but it can often damage the Tee Grid and cause drooping or even collapse, but this is the way a lot of contactors install on acoustic ceilings. We recommend the ceiling clips. It doesn't harm the grid ceiling and is easy to relocate if you decide to change your layout. They save enough time on the installation to pay for themselves.

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