Curtain Track Carrier - Breakaway


Breakaway Curtain Track Carriers

Curtain track carriers that break away are used primarily in high-risk situations such as psychiatric hospitals or rehabilitation facilities. Each track carrier breaks away at 20 pounds. The breakaway style carrier is designed as a safety feature. They should be used in any facility where accidental entanglement  is an issue such as a mental hospital, juvenile detention center, jails or similar facilities and homes where this might be an issue. The break away roller is designed so that the hook portion will "break-away" or disconnect from the roller body portion if too much weight is applied to the hook. In most cases the hook can be popped right back into place after breaking away but sometimes they will get damaged in the process. Each hook can support around 20 lbs each which is more than sufficient for any curtains that you may want to hang but still has the safety benefit that it will break away if too much weight is placed in one area of the curtain track run.

Breakaway Carrier Specifications

Block supported from 2 nylon wheels.
Carrier Body Width: 3/8" by 1/2"
Carrier Length: 2 1/2" total length.
Width from wheel to wheel: Approx. 1"
Breaking Weight: 20 lbs

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