Curtain Tie Back Chain


Curtain Tie Back Chains

Curtain tie back chains hold your hospital curtains open and attach to your existing curtain track. Used with high ceilings to drop the curtain hook down 1.5' (18"). Also used when ventilation is required (institutional regulations) at the top of the curtains when mesh top curtains are not feasible. You will need one drop chain for each carrier roller on your track. The extra cost of these chains are offset or eliminated due to the fact you will buy much smaller curtains. There is also continued savings because it is less expensive to launder smaller curtains. To install these you put the track and carrier rollers up as normal then simply place one of these drop chains on each carrier roller. Hang curtain on the hook on the chain.

Curtain Tie Back Chain Features:

Heavy Duty nickel plated chain and hooks.
18" in length.

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