Ceiling I.V. Bag Hanger - 9FT

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Ceiling I.V. Bag Hangers

Ceiling I.V. bag holders are designed for easy positioning and positive locking of I.V. bags along curtain tracking. Salsbury Industries’ intravenous support systems have provided medical facilities with years of trouble free service. These innovative systems are comprised of anodized extruded aluminum track and components coupled with stainless steel adjustable I.V. bag holders and carrier assemblies. These quality I.V. support systems are conductive and eliminate the danger of static electricity when grounded.

Ceiling I.V. Bag Hanger Features:

I.V. bag holder assemblies are adjustable to multiple positions. The adjustable ceiling I.V. bag holder assembly is for use with ceilings up to 9'. It weighs 6 lbs. and is 22-15/32" long in the retracted position and 35" fully extended. By use of a positive push button safety lock mechanism, each assembly is adjustable and can be raised or lowered to multiple gravity feed positions with one hand. This allows adjustment control to be conveniently reached, yet off the floor and out of the way. The 8-hook unit locks securely at the required hydrostatic flow point and a turn of the I.V. holder assembly will lock and unlock the carrier assembly anywhere along the track. The assembly’s top bag holders are offset 45 degrees allowing simultaneous use of all holders. All parts subject to mechanical wear are heat treated to minimize wear and to ensure proper locking. The system’s rods, tubing and internal operating parts are all machined and fabricated of stainless steel and polished.

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